Bigg Boss 16 19th January 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 16 19th January 2023: The episode starts at 8 am, and all the contestants together sing the song of Bigg Boss. Tina asks Archana to smile and wishes her good morning. Archana tells Tina that she prays when she is in trouble. Nimrit talks to Stan and says that Tina taunted Archana about Soundarya.

At 9:45 am, Nimrit asks Soundarya to discuss Archana’s condition. Soundarya refuses and says that Tina and Priyanka instigated Archana. Nimrit also agrees with Soundarya.

At 10 am Tina plays with Mahim in the living room. In a conversation with Stan, Nimrit tells him that Tina will do anything for the camera.

Shiva and Stan talk at 10:45 am. Meanwhile, Archana tells Shaleen that she is changing. She tells Shaleen that she used to be strong, but now she is scared of Salman Khan. As Tina talks to Mahim, she says that her life has become boring and she cannot flirt with Bigg Boss anymore.

At 12:45, Shalin praises Sumbul’s food. Both Tina and Priyanka called Shalin mean. Along with this, he also discussed that Soundarya does not have a stand on anything.

At 3 am, Bigg Boss claims that some people were not happy after Nimrit was given the finale ticket. The contestants are asked to discuss and tell those who are not happy with the decision. During the rescue, Nimrit is asked to explain her position. Bigg Boss asks for two names.

Priyanka names her and Shiva as the persons eligible for the tickets for the finals. On the other hand, there is an argument between Nimrit and Priyanka.

Archana votes for Soundarya and herself.

In Shaleen’s opinion, Nimrit and herself should be worthy candidates for the tickets for the finale.

Tina explains to Bigg Boss why she is better than Nimrit. Then there is an argument between Tina and Nimrit. Where Nimrit defends herself on Tina’s allegation. Tina claims she played personally. Tina further says that Shiv and Priyanka deserve the tickets for the finale.

Shiva says Stan and Priyanka are more deserving than Nimrit. Whereas, Sumbul claims that she is different, and therefore deserves it. With herself, she takes Nimrit’s name.

Priyanka tells Sumbul that she cannot take Nimrit’s name. Then, a fight breaks out between Sumbul and Priyanka.

Stan takes the name, Shiva. According to him, Shiva is Rawand deserves to be in the finale.

Soundarya says that this show is about herself and Archana is one of them.

There is a majority who want Shiv to compete with Nimrit for the ticket to the finals.

Priyanka and Tina claim that Shalin conspired to usurp Nimrit’s captaincy, but she backs down. Then the three of us started arguing. Tina accuses Shaleen of double standards and being fake. Shaleen says Tina will go to another guy if someone cheats. Tina asks Shalin to stop or else she will slap her. As a result, Priyanka defends Tina. Shalin asks Priyanka to stay out of the conversation.

Tina says that if Shalin can’t respect his wife then don’t expect much from him. Priyanka asks Tina not to talk about Shaleen’s wife as she is also a friend of his. Tina says that she is also Shalin’s wife’s friend.

Shalin tells Shiva that Tina misrepresented her relationship with Sumbul. As a result, Tina says that Salman has to call or she will leave this week. Priyanka asks Tina to calm down

Minutes later, Shalin clarifies to Sumbul that Tina only misinterpreted their relationship. Sumbul says she doesn’t care. She asks Shalin to stop dragging her name into the fight with Tina.

In conversation with Shiv, Shaleen said that Priyanka is egoistic. Also, Stan tells Nimrit that if screaming out our lungs is considered active, she definitely isn’t active.

Nimrit then asked Mandali why Shaleen and Tina didn’t nominate each other if they were facing such a problem.

Shalin tries to talk to Tina. Tina refuses to talk to Shaleen. The two argue back and forth. Priyanka tries to calm down Shalin. Additionally, she tells Tina not to get personal. After much thought, Tina decided to take the voluntary exit. She says that she does not want to be a player at the cost of her reputation.

At 5 pm, Tina tells that she didn’t say anything behind Soundarya’s back. As part of their conversation, Shalin talks to Shiva, Stan, Nimrit, and Sumbul. He says Priyanka is unnecessarily trying to behave well with him. As Nimrit and Shiv tease Shaleen, Shaleen laughs. In the second scene, Archana cries that no one loves her.

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