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Bang Bang The Sounds Of Crimes Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Storyline

Alt Balaji comes back with the action thriller web series called 'Bang Bang;- The sounds of crimes'.

Bang Bang The Sounds Of Crimes is an upcoming Hindi action thriller web series which will be premier in most popular OTT platform such as Alt Balaji and Zee5. The series is marking under the production of Ekta Kapoor and released this year on the month of September. Abhishek Kapoor and Akshay BP Singh is the director and producer of the series. Here is the full detail of Bang Bang series which you need to know.

Bang Bang The Sounds Of Crimes Release Date:

The makers have not officially announced the exact release date of Bang Bang but according to the sources we anticipated that these series will fall down at the mid of September 2020 with few no. of episodes.

Bang Bang The Sounds Of Crimes Cast:

All the cast has not revealed but the lead cast Faisal Khan and Ruhi Singh have already announced with the teaser. Faisla Khan is the most popular social media influencer and celebrity who is known for their video on the Instagram handle. Now with this series, he is all set to make his acting debut. According to the teaser, he plays the role who is ‘Badass’. And if we should talk about lead actress Ruhi Singh who is a playing a role of ‘Bindass@ girl.

Both the character is known for their action. Let’s see how the reaction of viewers after releasing all the episodes.

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Bang Bang The Sounds Of Crimes Trailer:

The officials have not released the trailer yet but it will be soon released on YouTube and Alt Balaji. You can check this on the Alt Balaji channel. In the motion video on which they released on their social handle and also on YouTube shows the action pack entry of lead cast within the bike and beating up their enemies while throwing a dialogue delivery.

But the interesting fact is Alt Balaji has turned off their comments section on YouTube. Meanwhile a lot of people trolling Ekta Kapoor and the web-series for casting a Tik Tok star Faisal Ali Khan.

Bang Bang The Sounds Of Crimes Storyline:

The storyline of the series might be full faction thrilled. Both lead star Faisal (badass) and Ruhi (bindaas) shows in a cool guy and girl. According to the Alt Balaji description ‘What happens when a badass guy and badass girl meet’ also, ‘Punches and Punchlines fly’. This is the first after the decades when Alt Balaji released an action thriller series with the new faces.

The shooting is almost might be done but if the viewers like the series then makers is again come back with the Season 2.

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