TSG Jash Free Fire ID Number, UID, Level, Name, K/D Ratio, Stats, Gameplay, Wiki in 2022


As the gaming craze increasing in the world we get amazing players and streamers who have a lot of talent. In this article we will talk about one of the popular players of Free FIre in India is TSG Jash’s. He is one of the popular Free Fire players and YouTubers in India. The duo of the Jash Dhoka, aka TSG Jash, and Ritik Jain, aka TSG Ritik managing one of the known Free Fire channels in India on YouTube channel. He has more than 7.73 million subscribers on YouTube. People are always searching about TSG Jash Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, Wikipedia, and other details. Here is the full detail.

TSG Jash Free Fire: Wiki, Biography, ID Number, UID, Level, K/D Ratio, Stats, Gameplay, Girlfriend, Age

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TSG Jash Wiki/ Biography

Real Name Jash Dhoka
Age 19 Year (As of 2020)
Free Fire ID 123643969
Country India
Girlfriend Yet to be revealed
Profession Gamer, Youtuber

TSG Jash Free Fire ID and Stats

TSG Jash’s Free Fire name is Jash Dhoka and his Free Fire ID is:

  • TSG Jash Free Fire ID- 123643969

TSG Jash’s Free Fire Lifetime and Ranked Stats

Lifetime stats

  • In 7,116 squad games, TSG Jash has 1,686 wins with a win percentage of 23.69%. With 16,922 kills. Talking about his K/D ratio which is 3.12.
  • He took part in 2,532 and outperformed his foes in 257, resulting in a win rate of 10.15%. The content maker has exactly 4,986 pieces at a K/D ratio of 2.19.
  • In 1,381 singles matches, TSG Jash has 114 Booyahs and maintaining a win ratio of 8.25%. In the process, he has 3,166 kills with a K/D ratio of 2.50.

Ranked Stats

If we look at to ranked stats, note that TSG Jash has been able to play 26 squad matches this season and has a win tally of eight games. He has achieved 85 kills in these matches with a win rate of 34.78% and a K/D ratio of 5.67.

If we talked about popular content creator doubles matches, he played 11 and not able to win a single match. Its K/D ratio is 2.55

TSG Jash YouTube channel Name

TSG Jaash has begun his YouTube channel called “Two Side Gamers” in October 2018. As per 2022 mid, he uploads more than 2,000 videos to the channel. Through the help of videos and his hard work, he obtained 7.63 million subscribers and more than 1.05 billion views. The channel is managed by Jash along with Ritik Jain. Watch one of the TSG Jash YouTube Channel videos below.

TSG Jash’s Social Media Accounts

Check out the official TSG Jash Facebook and Instagram accounts below.

TSG Jasg Facebook account: Yet to be updated

TSG Jasg Instagram account: Click here

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