Kamya Panjabi hails Jaya Bachchan, slams troll for dragging Aaradhya’s identify: ‘Where is Sushant Singh Rajput in all this?’

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Jaya Bachchan’s latest remarks in the Rajya Sabya, slamming individuals from the trade who ‘tarnish’ its picture, has left the trade divided in opinion. Now TV actor Kamya Panjabi has hailed the actor-turned-politician for her statements and has requested her followers about why they’ve forgotten Sushant Singh Rajput amid the assorted debates that adopted his loss of life.

Jaya had stated, “I was really embarrassed and ashamed yesterday one of our members in the Lok Sabha, who is from the industry spoke against (I am not taking the name) the film industry. It is a shame ‘jis thali mein khate hai usi me chhed karte hai’, galat baat hai (They bite the hands which feed them).”

Haling Jaya for her latest speech, Kamya wrote on Twitter, “As a part of TV i feel SSR was 1 of us n we deserve 2know what excatly happened on the 14th of june!My stand is very clear!Abusing the film industry n its people is a BIG NO for me too!Peoples focus has been shifted n i m not goin to be a part of that circus!Lots of luv Jaya Ji.”


She added in one other tweet, “I m against rhea n i m also against people who r calling this industry a “GUTTER” Also i m not a kind of jo chup chap baith kar tamashe dekhe (I’m not the one who simply sits and watches all drama) so i stated wat i needed to! N sure i nonetheless need #JusticeForSSR n i’ll persist with solely that! U ought to too! #DontShiftTheFocus.”


She went on so as to add how the give attention to justice for Sushant has now shifted to different individuals and matters. She wrote, “It all started wit #JusticeForSSR then ‘Justice4kangana’ now ‘justice4ravikishan’ kal koi aur hoga parso koi aur phir koi aur..wer is Ssr in all this? (someone else will be there tomorrow and then someone else some other day) Who is gutter n who had a fall out wit johar,who all did drugs n who is gettin da Y security, inn sab meh wer is ssr? Socho socho .”


Replying to certainly one of her followers who highlighted that Sushant was additionally certainly one of ‘brilliant’ males from the trade, she stated, “Excatly my point! Kuch logon ke wajah se sabko bura maan lena galat hai! Saare ek jaise toh nahi hai na.. (Calling everybody bad just because of a few people is wrong, everybody is not alike) why judge the whole film industry because of few people? Jo drugs ka matter hai let The authorities handle that…n dont forget the motive all of you including me united.”


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Kamya additionally shut down a troll who dragged Jaya’s granddaughter Aaradhya’s identify in the dialog. The person stated, “Everyone’s time will come… don’t worry Aradhya bacchan is getting younger.” Slamming him for dragging a baby’s identify, Kamya replied, “Sick! Thats what u are! Thats how u all are! Aapki side lekar kaho toh bahot achhe aur agar sach kaho toh kisike bache ko bhi bich meh laane se pehle nahi sochte ho! (You feel good when someone is on your side but when you get to hear the truth, you don’t even think about dragging someone’s child in all this)I have been through this all my life! Trolling me n my daughter has become a trend now for people like you!”



The actor additionally gave a reply to a different troll who requested her to steer clear of the talk as she wasn’t a part of Bollywood and known as her response an “approach to get entry to Bollywood”. She stated, “Aapne soch bhi liya mujhe bollywood meh entry chahiye? Waah aap toh antaryaami ho toh chalo SSR case bhi solve kar doh ab! (How could you even imagine that I want an entry in Bollywood? Wow, you are omniscient, now solve the SSR case as well).”

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