Addison Rae Collaboration With Nicki Minaj to Launch Singing Career, internet is not happy


The popular TikTok star Addison Rae is alleged to make her first singing debut with rap star Nicki Minaj, and the internet is delighted. Addison Rae collaboration with Nicki Minaj in her first single.

According to Instagram pop culture and some of the Gossip Page, Deuxmoi, after Hollywood’s first sealing with her upcoming film “It’s All That”, the 20-year-old Tiktok sensation is now set to begin her singing career.


As per the rumours, American record producer DJ Benny Blanco has composed her first debut song, which is to be released on 19 March.

However, this is the second information that has come out to be a big surprise. Her 2nd single is anticipated to be collaborating with Nicki Minaj and is expected to come out this summer.


The thread claims that Addison Rae’s music album ends with what appears to be legitimate.

One of the users soon voiced discontent on social media for collaborating with one of their favourite music artists, Tiktok Star.

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Twitter responds to rumoured Addison Rae and Nicki Minaj collaboration

Addison Rae is one of the most prominent TikTok stars in the world and has carved a niche for herself by performing an array of dances. In addition to her TikTok career, she now sets her eyes on becoming a beauty entrepreneur and Hollywood actor.

Since making her debut on the popular video-sharing platform in August 2019, she has seen unprecedented growth as a social media personality. Currently, she is the second most followed personality on TikTok after Charlie D’Melio.

Addison Rae has since been working with companies such as L’Oreal and Reebok. Also, she has been appeared some of the high-profile celebrations including the Billboard Music Awards and is set to receive one at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2021.

The 20-year-old is all set to make her debut with Tanner Buchanan in the remake of the 1999 popular rom-com “She’s All That”.

Despite her immense popularity, she is no stranger to online criticism and derision. This is mainly due to the consensus that the ubiquitous TikTok juggernaut is a marketplace for privileged teenagers who do not actually possess any talent.

With this in mind, news of Addison Rai’s alleged association with Nicki Minaj did not sit well with the majority of Twitter users:

If there is a glimpse of the truth associated with this rumor, Addison Rae will join her fellow TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio in a league of high-profile TikTokers collaborating with music stars.

With high-profile names in the music industry with TikTok stars such as Dixie D’Melio and Bella Poarch, Addison Rae could very well end up being the next tycoon to follow suit.

If this this rumour turns to be true. Them it will be interesting to watch fans reactioons.



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