Adin Ross Banned Twitch Clip Video for Texting and Driving During a Livestream


Adin Ross banned Twitch clip video viral on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram. 

Adin Ross, a popular Twitch streamer, was recently banned from Twitch. The fans were shocked to hear this news. Thus, after the Amouranth and Indiefoxx fiasco and the subsequent backlash, Twitch moderators are liberally playing hammer and anvil tricks.


Although Adin was banned in the past due to inappropriate use of words, the latest ban should be quite viral on the internet, with netizens claiming that the ban was unnecessary in every way.

Adin Ross banned Twitch clip

Adin Ross was banned on Twitch for incessantly streaming and keeps checking his phone while driving. However, in the latest live video, he admitted his mistake and did not blame Twitch for his ban. In a live video he said:


“I’m sorry guys, it’s 100% my fault, and I’m really worried about the worst time of my life. I’m f***** right now. I have been banned on Twitch and I think this is a permanent ban. I’m about to appeal it, but I was 100% wrong. I was at a red stoplight, and I was reading Twitch chat from my phone, and I got banned. I don’t know what to do. I’m sorry guys.”

Check out her latest live video.

Adin Ross fans call out Twitch for banning him

As per the Twitch rules and Adin Ross himself, the recent ban was justified. However, most of the fans are not satisfied with this ban and called out Twitch.

A lot of users have pointed out that streamers who shot questionable content, flouting the platform’s general guidelines, are still out, while on the other hand, someone is banned from reading only messages at traffic stops.

Apart from the ongoing debate on social media about ragging, now the fans have started casting a shadow on the person sharing the tweet and tagging Twitch.

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