Alabama Coach and Cheerleader Viral Video Trending Online After Post Football Game Trending


Alabama Coach and Cheerleader Viral Video: On Twitter, a video got viral where a man hugging an Alabama cheerleader. Netizens speculated that the man caught in the deed is Crimson Tide coach Pete Golding’s wife. This occurred following the recent football matchup between Alabama and Georgia.

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However, there were several exciting moments on the field, but the events that followed after the game drew the attention of the internet. Alabama supporters were ecstatic after their team trounced Georgia 41-24 on Sunday afternoon. For the seventh time in the last decade, they won the SEC championship.

Alabama Coach and Cheerleader Viral Video?

It has been verified that the man cuddling the Alabama cheerleader was not Golding after internet sleuths spent time analyzing the incident.

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Despite the fact that the man caught embracing the Alabama cheerleader looked like the coach, Jake Long was a different person. According to his Instagram page, Long is a graduate assistant at the University of Alabama.

Jake Long also claimed on Twitter on December 5 that it was him, not his “boss man,” who hugged the Alabama cheerleader (Pete Golding).

Despite being married to Carolyn Golding, the former was forced to do so because Golding faced a lot of heat online for getting too close to the Alabama cheerleader. Golding is a father as well as a married man.

Pete Golding’s social media bashing drew the following responses:

“That was Pete Golding,” says the narrator. He was jumped on by a cheerleader, who put her arm over his neck. Her face became stoic as he pointed at the camera!”

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