Alex Cooper Photoshop Photo TikTok Drama on Social Media Fail Edited Photo Image of TikToker Exposes Photoshopping Her Body


Alex Cooper exposed on TikTok after photoshop photo fail. Explaining the Alex Cooper TikTok Drama. Why She Used Photoshop?

Another popular Tiktok star is again trending on the internet after her video went viral on social media. Tiktok and social media star Alex Cooper have shared a special message for all the girls by sharing a post. She posted a photo on August 28 at @jillyyyygirlll. In the video she shared, a previously posted and posted photo of social media star Alex Cooper is visible. In the post, she captioned, “Girls need to own what we look like. If you’ve got a pimple or something, tweak a few things, but don’t let your whole body morph.”


TikTok Drama of Alex Cooper Photoshop Photo

According to reports, her trending video has crossed over 23 lakh views and is still gaining views. All his fans are searching for his video on the internet and sharing their reaction through many social media platforms. After many reactions from the audience, Alex addressed the entire incident and all the reactions through her latest show ‘Call Her Daddy’. The new episode of the show is titled “I Got Caught Photoshopping.”

Alex says that she was surprised to see the overwhelming response to her videos. She also criticizes all those who sent objectionable words and criticized her badly in the message. She also covers that, one user sends, that you don’t edit your photos, but you are now exposed. The message was attached with a TikTok link.


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Alex Copper also revealed that the photo itself was taken when she went to Las Vegas for a night out with her friends. The picture was clicked for his birthday only. She also revealed that she did not like her body and was disappointed after the picture was clicked. Then she decided to edit his picture the next morning to give it a complete look.

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