YouTuber Apollo Legend found dead at home after recorded a final Video


Based on the several sources it is confirmed that yesterday popular YouTuber Apollo Legend found dead at home on 20th December. The reason behind his death is not yet revealed. But as per the reports, it looks like he took his own life.

Yesterday, Police made an entry on his house and found him deceased. A one of the mutual friends of Apollo and a video creator Rwhitegoose also confirmed that with a few tweets that he passed on. In his tweet, he wrote that some of the friend and I tried to contact Apollo via Phone no and email but he never got back.


Initially, Daniel “Keystar” Keim reported that he had left behind a suicide video/letter, in which he blamed YouTubers DarkViperAU and EZScape for pushing him over this incident.

YouTubers harassed and made a YouTube video, which they mocked the Apollo legend and accused them of lying about various details to get advertising revenue from YouTube. The video he posted on YouTube prior to the alleged suicide was removed from YouTube for the apparent reason of the TOS violation of the platform.

Apollo Legend Final Video

Apollo Legend Quits YouTube

A few months ago a popular YouTuber released a short video in which he released an official statement that from now on he was leaving YouTube. In addition, she left the stage after losing a lawsuit against gamer/restaurateur Billy Mitchell, who sued him over some illegal voice and video recordings obtained from an arcade event held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

YouTuber Apollo Legend found dead at home by police

In a seven-minute-long video on the Internet as a Mediafire attachment, the Apollo legend cited reasons such as his mental and physical condition deteriorating which led him to do this move. Recently, he was about to be hospitalized for some medical condition, and instead decided to take this extreme step.

 Regardless, he officially quit YouTube a year ago and has since also been criticized by other YouTubers. The news has now been confirmed by various sources, as can be seen in the Twitter posts. In addition, various Reddit posts have also talked about the news, blaming two YouTubers who made a video about the Apollo legend for the incident. However, Billy Mitchell, defending himself, posted on Twitter, stating that simply reporting the truth about a case is nothing wrong.

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