Ariana Grande Asian Fishing Instagram Photo Controversy Explained: Singer Deletes Instagram Photo After Backlash


Ariana Grande Asian Fishing Instagram Photo: Ariana Grande has been trending online after her photos divided the internet. There are lot of people who thinks that the pop star is “Asian fishing” her followers. This could a busy year for sensational siger. Ariana Grande married and went on to be a judge on the hit singing competition show The Voice. However, the singer had to erase certain social media posts after a few photographs went viral on December 5.

In the post shared on his social media, she is wearing a big jacket while posing for the camera. Social media users were shocked by the makeup she wore as well as the clothes she wore.


Ariana Grande Asian Fishing Accusations by Internet Users on Instagram Photo

Asian fishing, like blackfishing, is an attempt to make oneself appear Asian. The fetishization of Asian culture is a common example of this. Those that do so frequently use makeup to emphasise characteristics in order to appear more East Asian. They also takee help of photo-editing applications to represent themselves as Asians.

The Thank U, Next singer has had a “overzealous eyebrow lift in which she’s really changed the form of her eyebrows from arched to straight, which is commonly popular in East Asia,” according to Reddit user u/teddyccino. Ariana Grande was also accused of wanting to show off a “mono lid look,” according to the user.

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Ariana Grande has also been accused of blackfishing in the past, in addition to Asian fishing. Among the tweets directed at the musician for his support of Asian fishing were:

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