Ava Louise and Antonio Brown Video Texts Viral on Social Media? Famous Model Spent the Night With Antonio Brown Before On-Field Meltdown


Ava Louise and Antonio Brown Video Texts Viral on Social Media: The model revealed that she had tested positive for COVID while asking that the Bucs test all of their players. In an interview with  Daily Mai, she disclose that,  she had with Brown at a New Jersey hotel the night before the game. She has accused Antonio Brown of injecting her with the virus. After getting infected with COVID she has decided to come out to share a story out of guilt.

During Sunday’s game against the New York Jets, the 33-year-old Tampa Bay Buccaneers player left the field. After being compelled to play with an injured ankle that necessitated surgery, he claimed to have done so.


In an interview, Ava Louise said that Brown wanted to stay the night with her, forcing her to sneak out of Brown’s room the next day because he had a 7:00 a.m. meeting with Tom Brady.


Who is Ava Louise?

She is a 23-year-old Instagram model. During the coronavirus pandemic, she became an internet sensation after licking a toilet seat for a viral challenge. She is also well-known for her 2019 Dr. Phil interview, in which she stated that she would “rather die hot than live ugly.”

On Instagram, the model currently has over 378k followers. Ava Louise also published a song called Skinny Legend Anthem, which became a TikTok sensation. On the video sharing app, viral sensation Charli D’Amelio also performed to the tune.



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Ava Louise and Antonio Brown Video Texts Viral on Social Media

According to Ava Louise of the Daily Mail, the two started contacting each other on Instagram. According to reports, the two had never met before New Year’s Day. Brown messaged the model to meet him, and she was planning to spend the night with her friends.

“When we had physical, he wanted to film it and make a tape on my phone,” Louise explained Antonio Brown’s intentions during the game. “He wanted me to share it on my  OnlyFans page, and I was like, ‘Are you serious right now?’   “You’re Antonio Brown — why would you want that scandal?” I ask again. She went on to say, “However, he wished to create that.” I believe it was on purpose. He wants the attention. He wants this to be associated with his name. So I thought to myself, “Wow, this is a strange circumstance.” ‘I’m going to give you tickets,’ he kept murmuring, then waking up and repeating.

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As of now, Antonio Brown has remained silent in response to these allegations, and based on his recent track record, he is unlikely to do so. The former Buccaneers player, much like Ava Louise claimed in that interview, wants all of the attention and fame. Over the last several months, he’s become one of the most talked-about athletes in the world, and he loves the spotlight.



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