Belle Delphine Minecraft Drama Trending over Twitter and Reddit

Famous face Belle Delphine "Minecraft" drama that's taking over the Internet.

Recently, YouTuber Klay “Dream” revealed that he and YouTubers George Davidson and Nicholas “Sapnap” Nick recently watched Belle Delphine OnlyFans Christmas leaked video on Christmas day.

People on Twitter have been losing their minds after hearing this confession. Popular YouTuber unveil this through a recent stream. He clarified that there were no strange motives from YouTubers while watching the game. He made it clear that it was mostly out of curiosity.

But, fans are continuously raising a question on Twitter and less convinced by the Minecraft YouTuber streamers. Check out the official confession and latest video below.

The Belle Delphine “Minecraft” drama has taken over Twitter

As well all know the obscene video of Belle Delphine has been immensely popular all over the world and watched by several peoples. Now, steadily people confess their opinions on social media about a video. If you don’t know let me tell you the video was leaked on the Twitter, Reddit and several other Social Media platform. Since the Youtubers creator, streamers and other influencers have continuously talked about it.

Peoples are come up with a different kind of opinions and reaction on the internet. Many of the fans disgrace the work of Belle Delphine and some of them praising the video and work. Few of them even spoke that this is a well-thought plan to getting popular and attention.


Check out the YouTuber Dream official confession on Twitter about Belle Dephine’s OnlyFans leaked video.

‘It was very weird, but we were just curious. So we were just watching it. Not in a weird way.’

GeorgeNotFound and Jschlatt SIMP for Belle Delphine? Watch Reaction!

After the video and confession, the people had many to say about the YouTuber and were not regards to getting this away at any cost. Below we mentioned some of the best reactions about this whole incident on Twitter.

Some people were of the opinion that all three YouTubers are adults and there should be no question about what to do with their money and life.

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It looks like the discussion about the video is more hot topic then the video itself. The clash with Belle Delphin’s world has also been fascinating enough to see the world of the three Minecraft YouTubers.


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