Belle Delphine Podcast episode of Logan Paul ‘Impaulsive’ Discussed Why People “Simp” For Her

Belle Delphine Discussed in Imapulsive Podcast, What Is A Simp?


After the video storm, Belle Delphine appeared in the podcast of “Impaulsive” podcast with Logan Paul’s. During an interview, she revealed that she believes that face is peoples tend to simp for her.

In an interview, Belle Delphine has part of episode 242 of the Impaulsive podcast, and discuss many career-related things. In which she discusses her monthly earning from various ways, her parent’s reaction on her latest trending and a lead video on Twitter on OnlyFans.

The interesting fact is Belle Delphine done the whole interview from her home she appeared on Impaulsive podcast through video conference and discuss her Simping culture. She explained what is in it for him. And that is due to the popularity of the anime.

As per the video, mike Majlak who manage the post of co-host in Impaulsive podcast and asked a question in regards to Simping culture. Belle Delphine simplifies that ‘Simping’ means obsession over another person, and due to this in most of the cases it has an adverse effect.

Belle Delphine, What Is A Simp?

Belle Delphin discussed some of her fans, who cross a border, donate what they cannot afford. She also further said that if it affects his personal life she will cross a border.

There is a lot more question which Jack Paul, Mike Majlak has asked from the Delphine. Mike Majlak asked further question from her about the extraordinary number of folks who “simp” for him.

Also Belle Delphine discussed the other popular creator or influencers who get deserve more simped than her. One of the biggest reason for her popularity is due to her “e-girl” personality that she has adopted since from the starting.

The popular number of Belle is increasing day by day is only because of the OnlyFans Christmas video which she posted and don’t know how she leaked. However, according to Belle the reason behind her fame is the popularity of ‘anime’. What’s your opinion on that comment dow below.

Check out some of the Belle Delphine Podcast Questions and Answers below:

‘Why do you think people simp so hard for Belle Delphine? In your own words, in your own thoughts, what is it about Belle Delphine that makes the simp-bomb drop?’ he asked.

‘F**k dude! This is hard. I have no idea. Maybe it’s the whole anime thing. I mean, anime is huge now and I try to dip into that as much as I can, but dude I have no idea,’ she answered.

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