Belle Delphine reacts to featuring on MrBeast YouTube rewind 2020 Video

Belle Delphine express her feeling after featured on MrBeast YouTube rewind 2020 video.


Recently one of the biggest sensation and talking celebrities Belle Delphine reacts after featured on MrBeast highly anticipated and waited for video of MrBeast YouTube rewind 2020.

 The 21 years old young celebrity of South Africa Belle Delphine took her official Twitter account to share her gratitude feelings towards the online community. She wrote, “My Life is complete:’ I’m so thankful to be accepted into this community, even if everybody makes fun of me… I’m still thankful to be your internet troll <3.


In addition to thanking his fans for their support, she took a pinch on himself, saying that he is “grateful to be an internet troll.”

As we know that recently MrBeast has released his most awaited video YouTube Rewind. This was done to ensure that fans do not miss it as an annual tradition.


In the video, MeBeast featuring a lot of top content creators who define 2020 in their own way. However, a lot of fans are surprised to see Belle in the video. All the fans He had some strong opinions on his involvement, which is often the case with Delphine.

Belle Delphine reacts to featuring on MrBeast YouTube rewind 2020

 The pressure was definitely on MrBeast, with the last YouTube Revert instalments being a big disappointment. He had to give a memorable year which was an unforgettable year. So, this time he comes with unique 2020 rewind video which surprises all the fans.

In the video, MrBeast features top creators include Corpse Husband, Dream, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, PewDiePie, Valkyrie and many more who was the biggest highlight of 2020 on creating content on the Internet.

One of the biggest surprises has come when fans have seen Belle Delphine inclusion on 1.01 mark. As we, all know recently she has been trending all over the Internet for her OnlyFans video which got leaked on Twitter and other platforms. Also, more recently, she broke the internet when Minecraft sensation Dream revealed that he watched her OnlyFans video on Christmas day.

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Fans have always had an opinion on the Dolphins and they will not deny MrBest’s inclusion in YouTube’s 2020. Below we mentioned some of the top reaction on Twitter by peoples.

Featuring Belle Delphine is one of the most talkative parts of MrBeast YouTube rewind video of 2020. Talking about Belle Delphine it does not look like she ever stopped to make the content for her OnlyFans viewers.

After closing an eventful 2020 with an appearance on MrBeast YouTube Rewind, Belle Delphin is now all set to hit the headlines in 2021. This is just the start of 2021.

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