Belle Delphine Room Tour Video Viral On Social Media, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube

Mary Belle “Belle Delphin” Kirschner again took to the headlines, when she shared a video to feature herself, having the Internet first-hand view into her room. The classification of objects in the room, as seen in the video, is not for the light-hearted person and intended for a mature audience. For those wishing to watch the Belle Delphine room tour video, you can watch out on the official YouTube account of Belle Delphine. But readers need to understand that the content is only for mature audiences.

Belle Delphine Room Tour Video

Her recent room tour video which she posted on 15th February is probably one of the most disturbing videos people you can find on YouTube. Several users were surprised that how the video was on YouTube in the first place. Some of the particular users felt that she was not following YouTube’s terms of service too far with the current video, while parents voiced their concern with the kind of content available on the platform.

Some of the other reported that YouTube had hit videos of other streamers with a very low proportion of copyrighted music. However, they let the video remain on the platform. Users also worry that YouTube has not yet banned this video.

There are many users who have expressed their concern with this particular video, especially on YouTube. This is not the first incident when she has been on the headlines of the internet to post disturbing content on public forums.

A few days back, she found herself in a mess after posting a photoshoot of herself being kidnapped dressed like a schoolgirl. However, the Internet was not trying to embarrass him in any way, they were told about the fact that she had posted potentially triggering content without providing an explicit trigger warning.

The last time when she was trending on Twitter, a section of the Internet that clicked on the trend immediately regretted his decision. He instead resorted to making memes of the situation to help him deal with the predicate she found.

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Truth be told, Belle Delphine has never been ashamed of her controversies. Most of his followers followed him because of her bold content. Although, there is a whole section of the internet which has started to dislike him due to the content being released on public platforms.


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