Belle Delphine vs Pokimane Rap Battle: The queen of Twitch gave tough fight to queen of OnlyFans


Belle Delphine vs Pokimane: Recently popular, YouTuber ‘Party in Backyard’ has posted an animated video on his YouTube channel. In this video he covering topmost female influencer Belle Delphine and Pokimane Anys.

Belle Delphine vs Pokimane
Image via Party in Background, YouTube

The YouTuber is generally famous for his pop culture phenomena and uses remixed versions of existing songs. But this time he comes with different genre and unique concept. In the video, he shows the rap animation battle between Belle Delphine vs Pokimane Anys. The two biggest faces are seen in doing hilarious rap battle.


In the animated video, Belle Delphine rap and talking about the several highlights of Pokimane career. While on the other side, Belle Delphine is a controversial personality of content and her content only engage a particular kind of audience which was picked up by Belle Delphine on rap animated battle.

Belle Delphine vs Pokimane Rap Battle


Belle Delphine started the rap war by talking about declaring “Simps” as her new queen around the world. While on the other side, Pokémane highlighted how she is a first self-made and foremost gamer all over the world. She also raps regard the exploitation of his League of Legends as well as the fact that she has her own skin on Fortnite.

During the rap, Pokemane also picked up the not appreciable brand of content and her aim to promote or sell weird kind of products. Pokimane further remind Belle that she has her own loyal fans who always support him and donate money.


In the end, Belle Delphine rapped her about how she stayed on top despite the problem, as platforms such as Twitch, Twitter and YouTube gave her due to her brand’s content.

She also points out that Pokémane is only a streamer person, worthy of being noticed without anything else. Belle also reminds Pokimane copyrights against PewDiePie and “Apology” were also included.

Each of female personalities had said quite a hilarious things about both of them in the video. At the end, the battle of rap was epic, and now it’s up to the audience had to decide who was the winner. This video will only help in increasing his fame. It wouldn’t be a surprise to us that both two streamers pick up a mic and then fight in real life.

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