#BiebervSelena Link Trends In The United States After A war Between Fans On Twitter new live audio room feature


Recently a new Twitter hashtag #BiebervSelena Link has started trending. Basically, it starts from an audio platform where rooms can be built and people can make their voice heard on a particular subject. Well, the day was not dramatically shortened as fans of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez engaged in fierce tweet wars and trending the hashtag BiebervSelena.

The speaker, identified as Zey and Alez, was on two opposing sides. Here is a piece of the quarrel:


Even Cardibi was allegedly in that room as a listener.


Fans were defence their favourite star and chose their sides. Also, some of the fans find the #BiebervSelena link. Here are some of the tweets:

After a period of time, things got more heated since it became known that Alex tried to remove Zey, who is a black woman, and after that, fans have also taken sides between them calling Alex’s racism!

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