Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Grand Finale 2020 Winner Name: 1st & 2nd Runner Up Voting Numbers


Today is the important day for all the fans of Bigg Boss Telugu 4, the big day has come as an entertainer and the most expensive Telugu reality show Bigg Boss is going to announce its first winner. This is the fourth winning season like its previous. This season the engagement of the show is just the next level. The audience is very curious and excited about the next winner of the show. The audience, as well as all the contestants, have butterflies in their stomachs for the grand finale fo the show. We are about to know the next winner of Bigg Boss. So grab your seatbelt and keep up your enthusiasm for the Big Finale episode of Bigg Boss lasting three hours.

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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Grand Finale

In addition, the show’s producers are doing everything possible to make the show’s grand finale more entertaining than before. As per the latest reports of the show, we came to know that the show has approached a dynamic Tollywood star such as Chiranjeevi is coming on the stage of Bigg Boss to award the trophy to the show’s first winner. If things go the right way, then we will see that the dazzling star of the film industry will increase the charm of the show four times.


With Chiranjeevi, Junior NTR likes to grace the show. However, we are still awaiting an official announcement on the news of the guests. Chiranjeevi also arrived as a guest and amused the atmosphere with his appearance in the show’s last season’s Grand Finale. He also shared a post for their fans on his official social media account. The post features the beautiful stage of Bigg Boss Grand Finale season 3.

On our way back to the final episode of the show, we saw that all the members of the show, including Gangavva, Noel Sean, Sujatha, Avinash, Mehboob, and Divi entered the house to fill all the show’s finalists with motivating and luck. The last episode was quite amazing and entertaining. They all gave an incredible dance performance by Mehboob and Divi as finalists. With them, Noel increases the energy of the atmosphere with his firing rap. While Avinash gave everyone a heavy dose of laughter. Abhijeet, Akhil, Sohel, Harika and Ariana and one of them will take home the winner trophy of this season of Bigg Boss soon.


The contestant will survive this tuff journey of Bigg Boss. As we all know the show finale is set to be accompanied by twists, turns, tasks, arguments and massive fights. Throughout the journey, we have seen many faces of all the contestants of the show. Wheres, some of the players are quite serious for the game and some of them have had play normal. But it has to say that this is a notable season of the show. According to the show’s latest reports, the show’s producers are about to end the show’s final episode. Ever since this news leaked, there have been many rumours about the expulsion of almost all the finalists of the show.

A debate has been all over the social media, a majority believing that Harika is going to eliminate the next from the show. It is also believed that Akhil or Sohail can also be eliminated from the show. However, the voting lines are open and fans can still vote for their favourite contestants. Another twist in the show’s grand finale is that ever since the Telugu version of the show has been launched, no woman has won the title of winner. Therefore, it is expected that this time one of the male contestants will lift the trophy this time.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Voting Numbers:

Abhijeet:           58%                 

Ariyana Glory:   18%         

Syel Sohel:        14%      

Akhil Sarthak:    6%   

Alekhya Harika:  4%

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Grand Finale 2020 Winner?

After receiving the huge vote, Abhijeet is the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. The fourth season of Bigg Boss. Since starting Abhijeet is the strongest candidate on the show and meets the expectations of Bigg Boss. However, the actor also faces many complications and had extensive fights and arguments with other contestants. But with each passing episode, he is proving himself as a worthy contestant on the show and finally reaching the finals.

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Also, as we all know that this is the fourth ongoing season of the Bigg Boss Telugu show, it is the Telugu version of the Indian and there are also few version of Bigg Boss. The fourth season of the show premiered on 6 September 2020. The premiere of the show was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation all over the world. The fourth season premiere opened with 18.5 TVR, this the highest rating in comparison to all the versions of Bigg Boss. Watch the full grand finale of the show on Star Maa on 20 December 2020 and entertain with the whole family. Till then, Stay tuned with the Trendy Kendy for more information and all the latest updates about Bigg Boss Season 4 winner.



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