BigNik exposes David Dobrik and the Vlog squad: BigNik reveals videos made him feel depressed


In a recent interview, a former member of Vlog Squad Nick Keswani, aka BigNik exposes David Dobrik and his other members of treating him “like a punching bag”, to the point of making him depressed and suicidal.

The 22-year-old winner and rapper recently appeared on the H3H3 podcast alongside Ethan and Hila Klein, where he opened his farewell to The Vlog Squad and the reasons that prompted him to do so:


 In the above clip, Big Nik empathize with Trisha Paytas” thoughts of feeling suicidal, as he proceeds to share his own experience with David Dobrick and The Vlog Squad. He said, “I can feel her on the whole feeling suicidal part. For a long time, I felt worthless being in those videos, like ‘what’s the point of my existence because I was just treated like this punching bag. Everyone’s just mocking me and I had a long look in the mirror and I was like ‘wow I’m really depressed'”.

He also states that money is not worth fame, fame and followers, especially when it comes to the point when you are not feeling like living anymore.

However, he said that his experience with David Dobrick, and the Vlog Squad made him more mature, as his perception of fame changed to achieve success.

BigNik exposes David Dobrik and the Vlog squad

A one of the known personality in David Dobrick’s collective squad of the popular vloggers, The Vlog Squad, Big Nick was often subject to various pranks and insults during his time as a content producer, which led to it being characterized as bullying.

Although he stopped featuring his videos some time ago, BigNik never went into details about what really prompted his decision to do so.

So his statements during a recent H3H3 podcast came as a shocking revelation, with 22-year-old former Vlog squad members cutting legumes on a toxic environment:

“They gossip behind your back, they have this superiority complex and you can just feel it in the room. I did allow David to disrespect me in the videos and that is partially my fault and so everyone just got the notion that ‘we can disrespect BigNik too. It just felt like a huge cult, just bad energy and I just didn’t want any part of it”

Discuss more David Dobrick and The Vlog Squad gave away a high-school cult-like vibe, BigNik says that just because someone is popular or famous doesn’t mean they’re a good person.

He also makes a strong reference to a Hitler reference and quickly clarifies that he is not directly comparing David Dobrik to Der Fuher.

BigNik’s eye-opening interview soon opened up a whole Pandora box, as fans discussed BigNik’s David Dobber’s equation:

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While it remains to be seen what changes it brings, in the long run, the revelations are undoubtedly eye-opening and serve as a major sucker punch for fans of David Dobrick and The Vlog Squad.



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