Bitsy Brennan Son Edward Brennan Racist Assault Video Viral on Internet


Bitsy Brennan Son Edward Brennan Racist Assault Video Viral on Internet.

On the Internet, a video of a mother and son racially assaulting a black permit examiner went viral. They can be seen pestering the man in the parking lot, asking him what he is doing. This information is also making the rounds on social networks. Many users are interested in knowing more about her. A video of her has gone viral on social media, and after seeing her reactions to a black man, many users are speaking out against her. As a result, a parking lot film has gone viral.


Who Is Bitsy Brennan?

In a video in a parking lot, a woman has become viral, along with her son. His son is also shown misbehaving with a black man, and her son’s inappropriate and nasty behavior is now becoming viral, resulting in hatred from people. As a result, she has completed her studies at the University of Alabama.

Who Is Edward Brennan?

Edward Brennan is the son of Bitsy Brennan, a UBS financial services professional. He made the news recently, but not for the proper reasons. In the footage, he is seen hitting a black permit auditor. Brennan was there with Bitsy, his mother, who was also yelling at the person. Edward and his mother are in the news for allegedly harassing a black man.


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Bitsy Brennan Son Edward Brennan Racist Assault Assault Video

In the video which we mentioned below, you’ll see him verifying the car’s permits at the garage area of the Riverside apartment in Nashville. And he did it after 8:00 p.m. on Saturday. The parking lot is where it all happened. So, when he was checking for his employee’s routine parking audits, his mother and her kid approached him late.

According to the story, a UBS financial employee’s position is about to be terminated. The corporation, on the other hand, has made no public statement regarding one of its employees’ inappropriate behavior. They are receiving backlash from the public since they have not replied to the situation and defined what is going on. UBS is a large brokerage firm that also provides investment advice.



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