Bryce Hall Cheat Texts Video Leaked On Addison Drama Expored


Rumours have surfaced again about Addison Rai cheating on Bryce Hall. It all began after social media users leaked Bryce Hall cheat texts video of Dana Wolf. However, Bryce has denied these rumours. Here is all drama.

For weeks Bryce covered himself with deceitful rumours. At first, the hoax rumours surfaced when he was seen walking around with Loren Gray. Subsequently, fans speculated about the relationship between Tana Mongeau and Bryce when they were seen together. Now, the play continues to develop, although Bryce has denied rumours of a cheat.


Bryce Hall Cheat Texts Video Leaked On Addison Rae?

Rumours of cheating once again surfaced following claims by YouTuber Keemstar, who had promised to provide information about Bryce’s alleged fraud. Now, YouTuber is giving more information about what happened.


Keemstar talked about screenshots of alleged text messages that are now trending on social media. In the messages, the adult star claims she hooked up with Bryce twice over the weekend. However, there is no evidence that these texts are authentic.

The text messages allege that the pair are addicted to Vegas. The texts have divided fans of the couple. Bryce denied rumours of fraud and told Keemstar that he would take legal action. While on the other side, Keemstar claimed that there is tension between Bryce and Addison as their relationship is being affected by rumours.


Bryce Hall Breaks His Silence On Cheating Allegations

After many people voiced their opinions on social media, Bryce decided to break his silence. “I didn’t cheat Addison,” he tweeted. Subsequently, his fans came to his rescue.

One of the Twitter tweet that, “I don’t care what y’all say…@BryceHall and @whoisaddison are the strongest people I know….their love is irreplaceable…INDIVIDUALLY OR TOGETHER they deserve to be happy…thank you BRADDISON for helping me believe in love,” read one comment.

Another added, “hang in there you, everything will be fine you will be fine @BryceHall @whoisaddison only.”

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