Chance the Rapper Facebook Tip Leaked Video Viral on Social Media Leaves Twitter Scandalized


Chance the Rapper Facebook Tip Leaked Video: In the social media era, most celebrity has been leaked these days on social media. The same incident happened with Chance the Rapper, a Grammy Award winner, who made a little blunder on December 8. The singer-songwriter surprised the internet when he revealed himself in a Facebook video.

However, the musician has not yet responded to the incident, his fans have taken to Twitter and are unable to stop talking about it.


Chance the Rapper Facebook Tip Leaked Video

Chance the Rapper Facebook Tip Leaked Video?

Chance the Rapper, whose actual name is Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, posted an early morning message on his Facebook page. The rapper can be seen near the bathroom commode in the leaked video.


When the 28-year-old rapper lifted his phone camera to display a bug, he accidentally exposed himself. The singer had gone live on Facebook without realizing it, and the video was pulled down in a matter of minutes.

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Despite the fact that everything happened in a short amount of time, spectators were eager to record the video. The video went popular on Twitter, creating a slew of memes.

Following are some of the people’s reactions to the incident:

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