Charlie Jeer Assaulted Viral Video By Woman: TikTok User Says He Has Been Harassed Multiple Times


Charlie Jeer Assaulted Viral Video: The harassement incident of teenage boy is circulating all over the internet because of his viral video. A teenager working as a security guard In order to raise awareness about the issue, a man in the United Kingdom has shared his experience of being harassed at work. Charlie Jeer, 19, stated that while working at a neighbourhood club, he has been grabbed on the buttocks, genitals, and ladies have even tried to unzip his clothing, but he insists that he is not a ‘victim,’ according to the New York Post. So, what is it about the video that is causing it to go viral all over the internet? Your curiosity must be aroused at this point, and you must desire to learn more about it.

Charlie Jeer Assaulted Viral Video


Who is Charlie Jeer? Charlie Jeer Assaulted Viral Video

The victim in the video is a 19 year old boy, Jeer, who is a Tik Tok user. He is only 19 years old. We can see in the video that he has been the victim of harassment and that his footage has been shared. Through this video , we’ll discover that not just girls, but also boys, are in danger in this world.


“I was told this would happen when I started in the industry, but that time I  didn’t even think that it would be so common,” he said. “Women have approached me on numerous occasions and attempted to unzip my clothes or physically grab me.”

As a result, it is apparent that harassment has occurred with anyone. Many internet users are astonished by this video, which is not a cause for concern. Despite his belief that more awareness about the issue is needed, he realises that as a bouncer, he is in charge and thus does not feel like a victim.


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However, he believes such touching is unwelcome, and many of the ladies who attempt to feel him up are arrogant and unapologetic. As per her statement,  Charlie was grabbed on the bum three times during work by a woman before she was kicked out, which was an uncomfortable occurrence. “Who cares about physical misconduct anyway?” the lady who touched him allegedly said.

Charlie explained that by sharing his experiences on the internet, he was able to: “I made the videos to start a discussion and get people to reconsider their viewpoints. Although the response was mostly encouraging, there were still a few guys who stated things like “I need to obtain this job.””



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