Chase Hudson Machine Gun Kelly Announce Movie Release Date and Teaser


Chase Hudson Machine Gun Kelly: Chase Hudson is one of the most popular TikToker and influencers all over the world and since a long time, he has contributed a lot of content to several platforms. Now, he decides to take a first step towards the acting career by playing a leading role in Machine Gun Kelly’s fil Download High.

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Chase Hudson has shown many times her acting skill son her TikTok video but this time he steps into the whole new level. He is gorgeous and looks every time beautiful in front of the camera.


Chase Hudson Machine Gun Kelly musical film

He plays a lead role for the music video title “Machine Gun Kelly’s musical firm download hill. However, the cast and the makers have not revealed any detailed information about the musical film but as per the teaser, it looks like we see many shades of romance, fight, suspense and lot more. Check out the teaser below.

The film looks exciting and a mixture of all the emotions into once. It is “the first musical experience of its kind.” In addition, it is a treat for Chase fans, especially those who have been following him on several social media since day one. However, the fact he starred in the film has already become one of the biggest talking points. It is unavoidable when you are a popular influencer. Some people feel that there is scope for improvement based on what has been seen in the trailer.


Fans are very excited to watch the film, after the trailer a lot of fans has been asking Chase Hudson will smash the role totally but it’s is not fair to judge by watching as a 30-second trailer. For a better known, You will have to watch a full film which is going to release on January 15th 2021.

Regardless of people reaction, Chase Hudson make a massive step to making his acting debut with a short musical film. However his name alone adds a lot of buzz to the film because of the popularity and being able to collaborate with other talented stars as well, and the creators should be good.

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Downfalls High’s release is verge to release and is already trending on various social media platforms. Now, it is exciting to watch what will be the first reaction of fans after watching Chase Hudson Machine Gun Kelly Announce movie. Till then, keep updated with us for more updates.


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