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Olive Aranya Apaiso Chiang Mai Braless Pancake Seller Video Photos Goes Viral

Olive Aranya Apaiso Chiang Mai Braless Pancake Seller videos and photos viral on social media.

After she started wearing a revealing cardigan while cooking, Olive Aranya Apaiso’s pancake sales surged. Thai police officers have since visited her and advised her to stop wearing apparel that is considered indecent. Olive Aranya Apaiso said she was selling roughly 30 boxes a day before borrowing her friend’s revealing clothes to wear in the Chiang Mai market. Her sales have doubled since then.

Who is Olive Aranya Apaiso?

Olive Aranya Apaiso is a nursing student who works as a pancake vendor in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s northernmost city. Police in Thailand questioned a 23-year-old woman for wearing a low-cut top to work. Her sales are said to have increased after she started wearing dresses that showed off her physique. People started queuing up for crepes and asked her to pose for photos as she was cooking. Despite the fact that the student-chef became popular in the neighborhood, several homeowners complained to the police about her indecent attire, prompting investigators to visit the stall this morning.

Chiang Mai Braless Pancake Seller Olive Aranya Apaiso Video Photos Viral

An official statement released by the Chang Phueak district council office:

“People have raised worry over the clothes in Chiang Mai, which is a cultural city.” We’ve requested the lady’s cooperation, as well as the wearing of a flesh-colored bra and a less obscene dress.”

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Olive Aranya Apaiso has apologised to people she has offended and agrees with them. She also advised her to learn about the culture of the place and to appreciate it. Then they let her go without charging her with anything. She then took a step forward for herself. “I needed to make some money from myself, and that’s what I was doing,” she stated in defence. This was purely for the purpose of assisting me.”

Olive Aranya Apaiso also stated that while at the stall, she would “dress differently” and “cover up more” of her body.



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