CodeMiko Loses Her Clothes On Twitch Livestream: Cleavage is allowed on Twitch


CodeMiko is a popular female Twitch streamer who broadcast Rust and IRL activities on Twitch. CodeMiko is well known for her virtual avatar. In a recent live stream, CodeMiko loses her clothes. Here are the details.

As we all know, all the technical thing, be it software or hardware, can fail at some point in time. CodeMiko, unfortunately, go through this on its latest live streams. The glitch in the software because CodeMiko to panic for a while. However, within a few minutes, she somehow went on to continue her stream.

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CodeMiko loses her clothes on the live stream

CodeMiko, in its virtual avatar, was conducting some interviews with other gamers on Twitch while streaming. Like all software, his software that was responsible for his virtual avatar crashed. The message “Clothes. Exe has stopped working” flashed across the screen and CodeMiko immediately turned the camera face into another side from her so that nudity was not visible on her stream.

The same incident happened on the stream twice. Every time it happened, CodeMiko stated that there was a bug in the software that caused it to crash. She also stated that cleavage was allowed on the twitch.

Although she has not yet received a hit on Twitch, in relation to this stream, it brings up the issue that Janelle “Indiefoxx” Dagres previously faced. The streamer was seen writing the names of her each subscriber on her body. She received a short ban but reversed in a few hours because according to her and a portion of the internet, her clothes were not inappropriate, and she was well within Twitch’s TOS.

The platform has some strict guidelines for streamers. Nudity is not allowed on the platform and many streamers have faced restrictions, accidentally or otherwise, for following these rules.

The person most recently banned for this rule is Cody “Clix” Conrod. The Fortnite supporter accidentally shared a photo on the stream which, according to Twitch, violated the platform’s TOS. However, there is an ongoing debate about this issue, as the majority of the Internet finds Clicks innocent with the case and wants his ban reversed. The #freeclix tag was trending on Twitter after the incident.



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