Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly Fight Video at VMAs Red Carpet Megan Fox at VMAs

Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly fight video at MTV VMAs 2021 fight explained.

Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor get into a fight on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet on Sunday night (Sept. 12). Machine Gun Kelly, a popular UFC champion and American rapper had to break away from his security when tensions broke out between the two stars.

Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly Fight Video

The video of both the stars has gone viral online. According to TMZ, the whole incident started when Connor asked MGK for a picture but he refused and pushed her and even spilled her drink. In response, the UFC champion threw his drink at MGK and his girlfriend Megan Fox but was stopped by security.

Check out the full video below:

According to the other sources, Connor reportedly started walking towards MGK with the purpose of greeting him. He extended his hand up to MGK but he said something but Connor didn’t listen. In response of this, MGK security person pushed Connor and this escalated the fight between both of them.

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But as per the Conor’s spokesperson, Conor McGregor didn’t ask for a pictureMGK, nor did he instigate the incident. He doesn’t know Machine Gun Kelly, other than the fact that he participated in the Battle of Connor last July.

So far no confirmation news has come to the fore. However, both the celebrities did not reveal anything about what actually happened at the MTV Video Music Awards.

But in an recent interview, Conor said, “I don’t even know that the man is honest with you. Nothing happened to me. I only fight with real fighters, people who actually fight. I definitely don’t fight the little Vanilla Ice Boy rappers. I don’t even know that boy. I don’t even know about him except the fact he’s with Megan Fox”.

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