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Corinna Kopf Leaks OnlyFans Picture Trolls Fans With a Free Link on Her Twitter Account


Corinna Kopf Leaks OnlyFans Picture Trolls: Amid the uproar of being called a ‘scammer’ over her recent content, social media star Corinna Kopf decided to troll her opponents on Twitter with a classic bait-and-switch move.

The 25-year-old popular Instagram model and member of Vlog Squad created a flutter online recently after she announced the launch of her OF account.

After a few minutes of her announcement, fans are eagerly excited to subscribe to her account in hopes of gaining access to premium content.

However, a large internet part of her fans of the online community was disappointed. When they find that she was only circulating her Instagram photos on OF and was cheating customers to capitalize on the initial crowd.

Corinna Kopf OnlyFans Leaks Picture Trolls

Corinna Kopf recently took to Twitter to take a dig at possibly online skeptics. She shared the following tongue-in-cheek tweet:

However, when users click the free link, they realized that it was nothing but a massive troll on their part as they were eventually redirected to a page with text that read:

Her move was successful in wooing many unsuspecting users with a flurry of “I’m down so bad for Corinna Kopf” tweets now taking over Twitter.

Corinna Kopf Again trend online thanks to her OnlyFans

Initially a prominent face in David Dobrik’s vlog squad, Recently, Corinna Kopf OnlyFans territory with the launch of her own exclusive account.

As per the recent vlog that marked Dobrik’s return to YouTube, Kopf revealed her massive earnings from OF in a span of just 48 hours. His decision to dabble in both lifestyle and content is surely reaping rich dividends.

After the cash register rings, Corinna Kopf’s career is currently in the midst of a long purple patch.

Despite being disappointed by most of the internet content so far, she has certainly successfully fought all the criticism against her.

After developing a unique habit of going viral on social media, it will be interesting to see what happens next for Corinna Kopf.

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