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Cr1tikals on CallMeCarson grooming allegations: I don’t see a problem with 17 and 19


Cr1tikals on CallMeCarson grooming allegations: As the pedophilia and grooming allegations on popular YouTuber “CallMeCarson” King several people have not any issue and several people blaming him. In support of CallMeCarson, Twitch streamer/YouTuber Charles “Moistcritikal” White said on YouTube that they do not see any kind of problem with both the people who “getting together” at his own will.

CallMeCarson was previously accused by Keemstar who released an episode with the interview with former members of the Lunch Club, which Carson himself confessed. Because of this, a Twitter user named Sam has come up with brief allegations about Carson.


CallMeCarson Grooming Allegations

 If you don’t know so, let we tell you apparently, YouTuber has used his power to “groom” a Sam named girl when she was still 17, and in high school. The pair met via a tweet, after which they began exchanging messages. After a lot of response from several peoples, YouTuber “Moistcr1tikal” has now stated that he does not see the problem with the 17-year-old 19-year-old together.


YouTuber Cr1tikals on CallMeCarson grooming allegations

In the video below, You will see a YouTuber who is seen talking to his audience about the situation related to CallMeCarson. The allegations under consideration can be seen in the tweet below, along with official messages that were allegedly exchanged between a Sam name Twitter user and a CallMeCarson.

Commenting on the whole situation which recently happened, Moistcr1tikal talked about how anyone would want to meet a 24-year-old with a 16-year-old girl. However, he talked about Carson’s overall situation and said that it was not wrong for the 19-year-old to get together with the 17-year-old, as they were in the same grade. Check out the video below.

Cr1tikals on CallMeCarson grooming allegations stated that, ‘But 19 and 17, that’s, again, I don’t see anything wrong with that. That’s two years you’re literally in the same f***king grade. You are in exactly on the same f***king grade. I don’t see a problem with 19 and 17.’

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This comes against the backdrop of most legal systems specifying the age of 18 when a person has the right to consent to sex. However, the attitude that YouTuber has adopted has been shared by many people on the Internet.

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The reaction is still moving continuously on Twitter, where some people see the problem in this shocking allegation where some people tried to defend CallMeCarson from this. But, The YouTuber itself has not released any official statement about this matter. But it is expected if he soon comes with the defending statement in the some of the few days.




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