Crush and Joy lovestagram Photo Leaked Online


Crush and Joy lovestagram Photo Leaked: Crush and Joy recently released an official statement admitting that they were dating. According to the sources, there’s talk on the internet that Joy has a separate Instagram account for her connection with Crush. The handle featured images of the two celebrities together. The couple posted a selfie and a snapshot of lunch together with heart hands to their Instagram account, as seen below.


Crush & Red Velvet Joy Lovestagram Photo Leaked


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Joy’s private Instagram account was leaked, according to online comments at Korean fan cafes, and the person who leaked it was one of the close friends of hers. As a result of this conjecture, many Joy admirers have expressed their displeasure with her unnamed friend.


“They had a senior-junior relationship, but they recently began dating with warm feelings toward each other,” P-Nation and SM Entertainment said in a joint statement. This past August, Crush, and Joy acknowledged that they were dating. After collaborating on Crush’s track “Mayday,” the two met and became close.

Crush had previously appeared on the same show, revealing that Red Velvet member Irene was his favourite type. In response to a previous remark made during his appearance with Joy, Crush stated:

“When Joy told me that she watched me on Radio Star when we were working on our song, it made me feel very nervous.”

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After Joy acknowledged that she was seeing him, his statement from the broadcast resurfaced. On MBC’s Radio Star, Crush had said:

The One and Only is Joy’s most recent K-drama. Prior to this, the actor starred in two successful shows: Tempted and Liar and His Lover.



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