DaBaby Called Jojo a b*tch For No Reason, Check JoJo Siwa diss Memes, Beatbox Freestyle

DaBaby recently backlashes by the online community after dissing popular teenage celebrity Jojo Siwa. The news got viral after DaBaby releases his new track titled BeatBox “Freestyle”. The video shows the lifestyle of rappers before taking a shot at 17-year-old Jojo Siva, who was untold for it. DaBaby called Jojo a b*tch for seemingly No Reason.

The online community did not take pity on it. There were a plethora of dissidents on Twitter, with DaBaby receiving a lot of memes and roast about his new rap song.

DaBaby gets cancelled after DaBaby Called Jojo a b*tch For No Reason

The disguise line has come at the 1:04 mark of DaBaby’s music video, where he calls Jojo Siwa a b * tch. The fact that a 29-year-old rapper was raising a 17-year-old teen star was not sitting well on the Internet.

Check out a few of the online community reactions on Twitter.

As the clapback continued, some fans reported that while DaBaby has forgotten the fact that the 17-year-old girl is actually much taller than him.

Check out some of the reactions in the same context.

Some users of the social platform did not stop there. Some show the rapper a reality check by stating that Jojo Siwa’s total wealth is at least five times higher than DaBaby’s. The feeling from fans was that if he was going to start or pick up beef with anyone, he should do so with his size.

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The incident could have been avoided, and Dababy only blames himself if dissatisfied backfires and damages his career.


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