David Dobrik Leaked Deleted Video Texts Drama Explianed, Dropped Assault Allegatios Sponsors Post

YouTube star David Dobrick has recently been engulfed in flames for multiple allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct. He and his vlog squad have been singled out by many victims for sexual harassment offenders and consent violations. The 24-year-old YouTuber and former aide Duterte Dome are at the end of the rape allegations and using the said footage to get views on YouTube. In the latest setback by David Dobrick’s ventures, several leading brands have withdrawn their collaboration with Star. Here is the full update about David Dobrik leaked text deleted video that pulls out brand deals with him

David Dobrik Leaked Deleted Video Pull Out Brand Deals With Him

The charges against David Dobrik were initiated by former Vlog Squad member Seth to incite the Vlog squad to violate their consent. The story gained traction very quickly, inspiring others to share their experiences as well.

After the story began to gain traction, two female extras from one of the slogans also came forward to share allegations that they were forcibly drunk and forced into a threesome.

In the wake of growing accusations against David Dobrik, the major brands that have endorsed the internet personality are now beginning to make deals with them.

Dollar Shave Club, DoorDash and EA Sports have officially commented that they are ending all collaborations with David Dobrik. SeatGeek, one of David’s former colleagues who has helped him with several car giveaways in the past, has kept his work relationship with David Dobrik under review.

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The move is a major setback for Dobrick’s ventures as only YouTube remains so far as its viable revenue stream. The situation is still evolving as Dobrik’s companions begin to extrapolate the claims by deteriorating.


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