Diana Nabatanzi Video Leaked Online with Boyfriend


Diana Nabatanzi bedroom video leaked online with boyfriend on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram.

Diana Nabatanzi recently shocked all her fans after her video got leaked online with his boyfriend. The video gone viral all over the social media platforms in Uganda and fans shocked. A lot of people finding the video on internet.


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Diana Nabatanzi Video Leaked Online

However, it is not revealed yet who’s leaked the video. As of now, sources is still anonymous. As per the sources, it is expected that the video was leaked by her boyfriend whose intentions is not clear yet.


Hmm, social media in-laws confirmed that shutting down Kitende, Paula and Gloria Kengazi’s hot videos is the best challenge ever. Additionally, these were previously released to make Netzines forget about the challenges of Desire Luzinda and Martha Kay.

As per the leaked video, a boy is seen, who is being told from a very concrete angle as Diana Nabatanzi and is shouting his name out loud as if the 42-day lockdown has come to an end.

In the video, a woman resembling Nabatanzi can be seen being chewed to a pulp by a mysterious man, who was eager not to show her face to the camera.

Nabatanzi video started trending on social media from Thursday evening and spread like a fire all over the internet.

Fans shared their response on their social media. Some of the fans said this is not Diana Nabatanzi video.

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