DJ Mustard accuses personal shopper of allegedly scamming $50,000 Check Who is Karissa Walker?


Dijon Isaiah McFarlane, professionally identified as DJ Mustard took to social media to accuses his personal shopper of stealing $ 50,000 while shopping.

DJ Mustard accuses personal shopper Karissa C. Walker of allegedly scamming him out of $50K

Mustard posted a story on his official Instagram account. In the story, DJ Mustard alleges by the long note that his personal shopkeeper went on a shopping spree and blew $ 50,000 without took his permission.


He wrote that “Attention to all my people who know me. I wanna bring something up to everyone’s attention! Karissa Walker is a thief and a monger! She is not my stylist, she was a personal shopper for me and Chanel Mcfarlane (DJ Mustard’s wife), we let her use the stylist word so she could get business, but the truth is she did nothing but shop!”

As per the statement of DJ Mustard’s, Karissa Walker was a personal shopper for him and his better half, Chanel McFarlane. He also said that in addition to stealing the money, she also used a falsework title to get better gigs. They said,


“Today I found out that she ran my credit cards up over 50K, buying stuff for herself. Purses, shoes, shades, and other stuff, I’m hot and I’m only writing this so nobody else deals with her, she’s bad for business. I have all the receipts to prove everything. I paid her more than she was worth, cause I don’t play with taking care of people that do their jobs.”

Also, DJ Mustard found that his credit card was misused after rolling the receipts. By his estimate, DJ Mustard said that the total spending by Karissa could exceed $ 100,000. As per the statement she used his credit card to finance her lifestyle.

Despite knowing the dept of the situation, many fans and followers took their Twitter accounts to share some hilarious reactions, check out some.

Who is Karrisa Walker and why did she misuse DJ Mustard’s credit card?

According to DJ Mustard, Karrisa stole money on Instagram to influence her lifestyle. During the conversation between the two after the incident, Karishma admitted to misusing his credit card. She stated that,

“Truly I am so sorry. Should’ve never got to this point. My temptation ran to greed, and I am so sorry”.

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After this incident, her social media posts have so far been littered with comments from netizens calling her out, with several stating that her career is the edge of finish over for what she did; others even blamed social media itself.



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