Elijah Daniel Gay Burger New Restaurant Chain Goes Viral On Social Media

On 9th February, Daniel who is best known for his time as part of a humorous duo with fellow influencer partner Christine Sydelko has once again gone viral, as a result of his latest project. Here are the full updates about Elijah Daniel Gay Burger new restaurant chain.

 The project which looks like a YouTuber MrBeast, is a restaurant chain that specializes in hamburgers – specifically, the LGBTQIA + variety.

Elijah Daniel Gay Burger New Restaurant Chain

 That’s right: Daniels burger chain is literally called Gay Burger, and boasts a lucrative marketing scheme of rainbow foods and humorous names for its foods, including (but not limited to) I Like Chicks chicken sandwich and extremely gay stuffed fries (complete with “gayoli” sauce).

Daniele’s “Gay Burger” chain is not just for fun and for making money. The popular influencer person is donating all proceeds from the restaurant to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which will be lookout by his very non-profit organ, Cult for Good.

Unexpectedly, the initiative has gone viral on Twitter – a development that is quite comical for Daniel, who has reacted to both resentment and hilarity towards his new venture.

That being said, Daniel’s viral idea stems from another YouTuber’s previous venture, with which Daniel credits his inspiration to Mr.beast.

In December 2020, MrBeast unveiled its own burger chain, which likewise took the internet by storm as the entire social media scrambled to try one of YouTube’s biggest stars, Unexpected Food.

“Gay Burger came as a joke which is inspired by Mr. Burger as a creative new way to generate money and help small restaurants,” Daniel said of the project in an interview with Tubefilter. “It was basically a joke, where I just screamed, ‘I can’t get out of nowhere’.”

 This is the first time Daniel has drawn such a stunt: In June 2018, Daniel also became the mayor of Michigan Gay Hell, Michigan – a prank that saw him in the headlines internationally.

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Those who wish to buy the Gay Burger can order from Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco via DoorDash, Postmates and GrubHub.


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