Elon Musk Joe Rogan Podcast Revealed the “Shocking” Moment Of Broke the Cybertruck Window


In 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk broke the window and internet when he unveiled the newly Tesla Cybertruck at the same time. The event with Cybertruck coincided with its much-awaited launch. Here are the full updates about Elon Musk Joe Rogan podcast.

At the time of Cybertruck’s unveiling, the project’s lead designer Franz von Holzhausen created quite a stir when he collapsed and smashed the truck’s two amour glass windows onto the stage with a metal ball.


Although everyone present was surprised by the incident, Musk later explained what went wrong. Before the metal ball could be tested, Holzhausen smashed the truck’s door with a sledgehammer on stage to prove the durability of Cybertbrook.

This weakened the glass base, which later allowed it to break after hitting it with a metal ball.

Despite the steel ball failing to test, the mess at the event gave the audience plenty to talk about. The future design and impressive specialities of Siebertruck have attracted global attention.

Even Halo reacted to the Cybertruck on Twitter.

Elon Musk Joe Rogan Podcast

As the recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast, Musk opened up about that shocking moment when he broke Cybertruck glass on stage.

As Rogan talked about the issue of breaking glass during a live performance, Musk joked and said,

“That was shocking. We literally spent hours beforehand with lots of people throwing steel balls at the windows. At least a dozen people must have thrown steel balls at the same window.”

Rogan interrupted Elon Musk by asking, “Isn’t that the problem? Musk continued by saying, “It turns out that might be our problem. If you keep hitting it with the steel balls, eventually it’s going to break.”

Check out the slow-motion, behind-the-scenes clip of Holzhausen delivering a fastpitch.

Musk went explain in Rogan podcast that why the glass shattered so quickly. He said,

“It’s hard working with test glass. When you do the production glass, it’s much more robust than demo glass. It takes a while to perfect production glass, making it always better than demo glass. Nonetheless, it should have worked.”

Musk also unveiled that inspiration behind making Cybertruck something bulletproof as it was his vision of a futuristic tank. It was more challenging to build than a regular truck but far more durable.

Rogan inquired about the possibility of a solar-powered CyberTruck, to which Musk said,

“It’s kind of a surface area issue. We could put solar covering on the truck bed, however, it would only charge to allow a few extra miles per day. If you could add 10 miles a day, you’d be lucky.”

Cybertruck has a lot of untold potentials. It is hoped that as technology improves, solar energy can be used to drive ‘tanks for the future’.

Check out the entire clip here:



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