Flight And Drea Breakup Reason? Why Did Flight Break Up Drea Drama Explained?


Flight breakup with Drea. YouTuber confirmed the split with his girlfriend Andrea ah Dreyahh ‘Gonzalez in a YouTube video posted on March 21, which he refers to as a dream.

Kimani runs its own YouTube channel called ‘ Flight’ Kamiru-White Flight Reacts. It currently has more than 4.6 million subscribers. Meanwhile, he has 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Flight regularly played the role of Fortnite duos with Dair, who is now his ex-girlfriend.

Flight Taking About Breakup With Drea? Full Drama Explained

On 19th March, Flight was reacting to DDG’s new single, and Himmat asked to speak with her. YouTuber requested to drea to work so that they could negotiate.

However, she did not refuse. Himmat decided to act on it and said: “I told you, stop embarrassing me. You are **** around me. “He then closed the stream.

Seeing this, many fans were worried if the flight was alright. Soon after this incident, he had the courage to talk between the two. In her tweet of 20 March, she wrote: “I told that we will not end together. This happens all the time.

Shortly afterwards, Flight broke their silence and confirmed that things were not as good as earlier. His tweet reads: “Finally after 5+ pm he was taken hostage and after being held hostage he did not believe that I am still single, a video explaining everything to ASAP, same Keep the energy people talking down! ”


On March 21, as promised, Flight released a video detailing what had happened. He posted the video on her YouTube channel Y NotYourApretFlight ‘and titled the video “Single … The Craziest Woman I Ever Met Story!”

Speaking about Drea, he said, “This is not the first time he has done sh * t in this way.” This is not actually a video of Andrea bashing. Andrea is a really nice lady. He has a good heart Frankly, she is really crazy. I just feel like he has some personal sh * t going on that she doesn’t try to explain or do to me for any reason. She never cheated nor any stuff. ”

He said, “The reason he breaks down is too much psycho, manipulation and control. I am a beautiful boss, can be controlled by a woman, by anyone, in general. Too much king, too much boss, I am I work very hard, you will not control my feelings. ”

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Flight admitted that this is not the first time he had a slump with Dare. They said that their insecurity might be a big reason to ruin their relationship.



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