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Floyd Mayweather Fight Update With Logan Paul During Clubhouse Call


The biggest news regarding the eldest Paul’s brother is his upcoming match against the boxing star Floyd Mayweather, but due to ongoing global events, the exact details surrounding the matchup are still largely unknown after being postponed. Here is the full Floyd Mayweather Fight Update.

Floyd Mayweather Fight Update Leaks On Club House

When asked about him to fight with Logan Paul’s, Mayweather was not shy with details, including plans to show his fans to try and fill the brand new Las Vegas Raiders stadium.


“We’re gonna do Logan Paul, and we pushed it back because we want an audience, we want to bring 80,000 people to watch,” Mayweather explained about the Feb. 20 date’s delay. “We’re trying to do it at the Raider’s stadium in Vegas for 80,000 people.” he says.

Pulling into such a crowd will be a long order from the way current events are happening, so it’s probably safe to say that the fight will be postponed until much later, once things start to get better and life starts to return to normal.

Apparently, fans want a solid, real date for the fight set in stone sooner rather than later, but Floyd’s recent announcement has made it clear that there is no end in sight anytime soon.

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Whenever this happens it is sure to be a hot-ticket item, but based on what we’ve heard about the delays of others, including Paul’s friend Mike Maljak, he jokingly said it won’t happen until “2026” That means we should probably ‘hold our collective breaths’




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