CS: GO fnx preso accused of sharing intimate video of a girl without her consent


fnx preso accused sharing intimate video: Former CS: GO professional Lincoln “fnx” Lau has been accused of sharing some personal videos of a girl that which he was allegedly intimate within 2020. A popular twitch streamer named Schözen recently revealed that fnx helped her after her previous boyfriend left her in 2019. The following year, the two met in person and formed physical relationships.

CS: GO fnx preso accused sharing of Personal video of a girl without her consent

She alleged that during the relationship, fnx shot a short video at that time with her permission. She alleged that that recorded video fnx shared on his the friend circle WhatsApp group.


Schozen revealed that around three people had informed her about the same incident. In which all three describing different kinds of details about the same context. But unfortunately, none of one has visual proof of the recorded video.

She officially claims that “The problem in this post is the crime of broadcasting and exposing intimate videos, whether the video is made with or without consent”.


She also revealed a screenshot and took her official Twitter account and wrote, which is clearly a part of the video that is being circulated on the Whatsapp group. She also shared her conversation with fnx on Instagram to prove her claim.

Now, Schozen is waiting for the recorded video to reveal out some of the Whatsapp group for an evidence material. However, from fnx there is no response coming out yet in his own safety. But it is expecting that soon he talking about these allegations by Schozen.

In one of the tweets she thread and says, “I’m not afraid. I have countless witnesses who prove what I say. He can even delete the video and retaliate in some way, but it won’t be in vain. And I want justice for all the others who pass by me. I know that I am not alone. I am not afraid. ”

“fnx” claims it has happened to him before

In a further tweet, Schozen also claimed audio where the voice which looks like fnx defends himself about this context. As per the shared voice clip by Schozen, fnx defends himself by saying that some of the other videos of him and other girls have been leaked too. He told that he is not the one who shared these videos.

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