Gabbie Hanna Made an OnlyFans and Announce Break Up with Payton Saxon


The popular Social Media personality and YouTuber Gabbie Hanna recently revealed that she is now single in the first episode of her new Confessions series on YouTube which was uploaded on June 23. Also, Gabbie Hanna made an OnlyFans account.

Gabbie Hanna, 30, has been notorious for starting internet dramas with several influential people. Currently, she has more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube channel and is popularly known for her storytimes and collaboration videos.


Recently, Gabbie has come beneath the criticism for being accused of a number of things on the internet that have received an amount of hate from her and her fan base.

Gabbie Hanna splits from long-term boyfriend

 In her 1st confession video episode of her new series titled “Confessions of a Washedup YouTube Hasbeen”, Gabbie announced and revealed to her fans that she and her longtime boyfriend, Peyton Saxon, have not together anymore.

“I’m single now. Honestly, that’s a good thing. It was a very clean and loving breakup. She’s still on the series, with her permission, and I love the memories we had together.” was.”

She then continued by calling her ex-boyfriend her “best f***ing friend”, claiming that they both had “different perspectives”.

“When we met two years ago, we were very different people than we are now. We had very different perspectives. There comes a point in every relationship where you have to look at the whole picture and decide, ‘Shall we Going to be a good partner to move ahead in life?’ ”

Gabbie then claims that she and Peyton, while still in common.

Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon’s relationship explored

Gabbie Hanna and Peyton Saxon began dating each other in August 2019, but didn’t make it “Instagram official” until the next month.

Peyton has been in several of Gabbie’s YouTube videos and has also been featured in one of her music videos.

As mentioned earlier, Peyton, 30, is a “very private person,” which means the 32-year-old isn’t very present on social media.

Gabbie Hanna Made An OnlyFans Check Leaked

Recently Gabbie Hanna made an OF account. And starts trending on Twitter. Sever people are looking her OF account. Many users are shocked and some of the users are excited. ALl the information has not revealed yet. But we will soon update on this page.

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