Gabbie Hanna Suing David Dobrik For Assaulted Him? Twitter Drama Explored

Twitter has been buzzing with questions about Gabby Hanna prosecuting David Dobrik. Here’s what started these rumours about Gabbie Hanna suing David Dobrik.

On March 23, David released a second apology video on his YouTube channel and addressed Durrett Dom allegations. In the video, David apologized to his fans for not using his stage properly. YouTuber revealed that it is taking a social media break to create a better infrastructure to enable quality content.


No, David is not being sued by Gabbie. As per the source, these are only social media rumours. The speculation was sparked by a tweet by Gabbie on 25 March.

In her tweet, Gabbie wrote: “I’m going to get into some legal trouble and I wouldn’t like it ** People speculated that it was about David because Gabby was part of the vlog squad. At the same time, David alleged The tweet came two days after it was addressed. Fans felt that the timing could not be a coincidence.

In a further tweet of Gabbie: “It doesn’t sign the b ** ch NDA is kidding me,” in response to a fan’s question if he knew more about his time in the VDA squad Was going to break his NDA to give.

Subsequently, on March 28, Gabbie tweeted: “Lawyers call me on Saturday, here we go lol.” This convinced fans that the David drama was not over. However, Gabbie never revealed who directed her tweets. Speculation about the fall of David and Gabby came into the picture when old footage of Gabby from David’s slogans surfaced online.

In the clip, David is seen making fun of Gabi. Since Gabi also left the Vlog squad, many wondered if it was because she was treated poorly.


Gabbie left the Vlog squad in 2017. However, she had revealed that there was no beef between her and David. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gabbie stated that she wanted to focus on herself.

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“I think it’s important for everyone to understand that people in life fall apart and that doesn’t mean something terrible is happening. It’s just like I need to focus my energy on writing, my There is a need to work on fitness, work on my mental health. And it does not take a lot of time… Like antics and stuff. I am a very worried person and I need a lot of alone time, “she said at the time. said.


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