Gabby Petito Dead Body Video Updates? 22 Year Old White Girl Missing Police Finds Her Remains

Watch Gabby Petito Dead Body Video Updates: Recently a shocking news has been viral on social media about 22 years old girl whose name is Gabby Petito. She is missing from her house from the last 2 weeks. During an interview, her parents share their feelings and said how they are going through with extreme pain. According to reports, Gabby recently went missing from her house after a road trip with her boyfriend Brian Laundry. His parents learned of his disappearance from Gabby’s family when he returned alone from a road trip. Here you will get complete information about this viral incident.

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Gabby Petito Dead Body Video Updates

As per the reports, Gabby was last seen on at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming on 21st August 2021 with her boyfriend. During a road trip, she had share lot of picture on her social media handles, it’s seems like she is enjoying her road trip with her boyfriend.

But who knows that this incident happened, the news of his disappearance came to the know when her mother lodged a complaint about his disappearance. After filing a missing complaint, Florida police and investigators immediately began a search for him. Missing Gabby is just 22 years old and her age is 5 feet 5 inches.

Girl Goes Missing After Trip With Boyfriend

Gabby’s disappearance was reported after her boyfriend returned from a laundry trip alone. But he has no idea where her girlfriend is missing. After few days, he is also missing. His family members do not have any information about him. Police revealed that on Friday evening, Laundry’s family spoke to them calmly for the first time. A lawyer of the family told the police that Laundry’s family wanted to talk to them, after talking to them, the police said that now the matter is complicated because now 2 persons are missing.

In a recent interview, an attorney for Gabby’s family named Richard B. Stafford said, “All of Gabby’s family inform all the people that Brian is not missing, he is hiding. Gabby is missing.” Not just that they also requested to Laundry’s family to cooperate with the police to find their daughter. However, Gabby’s boyfriend reveals a few points about their fight, saying that she has OCD so she soon becomes depressed. Now, even Brian Laundry has missed almost three days. The police are investigating the matter seriously as it has been 2 weeks since Gabby is missing.

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After a few days of searching, police informed her family that some of her remains were found during the search, then his family decided to send those remains to a forensic lab for confirmation and identification, said Charles Jones, who is based in Wyoming. The FBI is Denver’s supervisory senior resident agent. And he released a statement and said, we have to identify how she met to a death.

Gabby Petito father also share a tweet and a video. Check out below.

This is all about the full incident. If we get more information about the matter, we will soon update it on this page. Till then, stay tuned with Trendy Kendy.


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