Gorilla Glue Challenge Lip: What is it? TikTok Latest Trend Explained

Gorilla Glue Challenge Lip: If you have been on the Internet recently, the somewhere you have probably heard of the Gorilla Glue phenomenon. Rather, you probably saw what fell. The 40-year-old Tessica Brown recently uploaded a TikTok video that went viral on Social media instantly. The Louisiana native opted out of her go-to hair spray, so she used gorilla glue spray adhesives in a pinch. The results were shocked the people, she styled her hair in a tight ponytail, and the glue made it look like the hair on the top of her hair was so dull that it wouldn’t recede.

The harder she worked, the more glue could not be washed. Tessica ended up in the emergency room, where they gave her saline water and nail polish remover, but trying to remove the glue herself proved too painful. The day before, Tessica posted on her Instagram that she was on route to Los Angeles to have it surgically removed. TMZ posted a video of the surgery nine hours ago, and it looks like Tessica is going to recover.

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However, it is unclear what permanent damage the gorilla may have suffered from months of wearing the glue.


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While maximum people would not dream of applying gorilla glue anywhere on their face. However, few people, unfortunately, took this big mistake as a challenge. And thus, the Gorilla Glue Challenge was born.

What is the Gorilla Glue challenge Lip?

The Gorilla Glue Challenge is an attempt to show that gorilla glue is not all that adhesive. Until now, some people have improperly used gorilla glue. The challenge began when 37-year-old Len Martin (also from Louisiana) applied Gorilla Glue to his lips as he felt Tessica was lying about the seriousness of the situation. Len filmed himself blushing his lips with a plastic cup. He ended up in the hospital, where medical professionals had to peel the cup from his lips.

Len also notoriously participated in the ice cream challenge (he ate ice cream in a carton at the grocery store and put it back). He was arrested for this bench in July 2019.

He said in a statement, “I thought she was just playing around because I didn’t think it was that serious,” Len said. He added, “I thought it could lick it off kind of to moisten it and pull it right off but that didn’t work.” Len claimed he really didn’t mean for the challenge to escalate like this. He said, “I didn’t think it would go this far … You got Valentine’s Day coming up. I can’t even kiss my lip.”

As per the Gorilla Glue description, the products are not meant to go anywhere near people or animals. The brand’s disclaimer on their product that states spray adhesive is specifically considered “permanent and designed for use on craft, home, auto or office projects to mount things such as paper, cardboard, wood, laminate and fabric. ” It warns, “Do not swallow. Do not go in the eyes, on the skin or on the clothes.” They also add “don’t use as hairspray”?


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