Gorilla Glue Girl Surgery Update: Tessica Brown Undergoing Plastic Surgery To Fix Her Hair

According to a TMZ report, Tessica Brown, who is popularly known as The Gorilla Glue Girl, now is going through to a plastic surgeon in an attempt to get her hair fixed from Gorilla Glue. Here are the full Gorilla Glue Girl Surgery Update.

Dr. Michael Obeng is a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who recently has offered to help Tessica to get out from the Gorilla Glue condition that Tessica found himself in. Apparently, the doctor also feels so bad about Gorilla Glue mishap that he has offered to do the surgery no price. The cost of the surgery will usually be $ 12,500.

Gorilla Glue Girl Surgery Update

The surgery will belong, and it will take around 2-3 days to completely get rid of Gorilla Glue. Dr Obeng’s method involves using a medical-grade glue remover to correct the Tesica problem.

It’s a lucrative offering, and Tessica is reportedly making its way from Louisiana to Los Angeles as a final step to fix the Gorilla Gloria problem.

Tessica Brown posts a video on her social handle about her Gorilla Glue problem.

 It all began when Tessica Brown posted a TikTok, showing that her hair was flat on her head. She also claimed on her social media that she has been at this situation about a month when she used some gorilla glue spray. She did not get rid of this after washing his hair on 15 different occasions to get the glue out.

In the TikTok clip, Tesica has talked about the situation as a mistake when she ran out of hairspray. She claimed that she substituted her normal hairspray for some Gorilla Glue Spray sticks, which she hoped would work.

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Since then, Tessica Brown has tried various methods to get rid of glue, such as rubbing alcohol. She even made a visit to the Emergency Room, hoping that a hospital could work. Nor did the method work for him. She reportedly set up a GoFundMe to pay for possible surgeries or other methods to remove Gorilla glue.


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