Gorilla Glue Girl Update: TikToker Gorilla Glue Lady Hair Visits ER

Tessica Brown who is better known as the Gorilla Glue girl recently went viral all over the Social handle. A TikTok user ‘im_d_ollady’ brief how she grabbed a Gorilla Glue spray and used it too much on her hair. Gorilla Glue Girl gives an update on her social handle about her situation.

Gorilla Glue Girl Update

After applying too much spray on her hair, the glue has locked her hair at the same place totally, and it is impossible for her to get out from the glue. She has tried to wash her hair about 15 times from shampoo and other products but she got no results.

In the video, the TikTok content creator warns the people about this dangerous of spraying one’s hair with Gorilla Glue. She captions it on her post, “@im_d_olladyStiff where????? Ma hair πŸ€¬πŸ€¬β™¬ original sound – Tessica Brown”.

The shared video by Tessica Brown has been seen more than 5 million people within just 24 hours with 1.4 million likes on TikTok. Also, the video has bee reuploaded on various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

After sharing her incident, there are a lot of people who had worried about her situation and suggesting her to get ER or other medical services. In a statement, she said she has lived with this condition almost for a month.

Gorilla Glue Lady Goes To The ER For Hair

After listening to all the concerned and advice by people, she went to medical help. Her Instagram post of her getting treatment on SBPH has reached more than 150,000 likes in under 12 hours.

When people found Gorilla Glue Girl Update, the reactions were some positive and some negative. Where few people sent the best of wishes her way while on the other side, some people stated that she did it for the clout.

Here are a few of the reactions on Twitter:

Hopefully, she went to the medical help and soon she would brush and wash her hair like before. However, the remnants of her weird experience will forever live on in the internet’s heart.


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