Harry Styles Leaked Photo Is Fake: Viral TikTok Video Explained

On March 20, a Tiktok user claimed that social media went into a frenzy after Harry Styles’ photo was leaked online. However, it is not a singer. Here is full detail about what happened.

Harry has been in the headlines ever since he won a Grammy. The singer won the Sol Pop Solo Performance category for his song watermelon sugar. On March 20, news of Harry’s alleged leaks reached online after one of the Tiktok videos went viral. Subsequently, people started using ‘watermelon sugar high’ to describe their context.

Harry Styles Fake Leaked Photo

On March 20, many users on Tiktok and Twitter started talking about the alleged leaked photo of Harry. The discussion about the leak was first started on TikTok by a user named Harry and Mitch.

Subsequently, many other TikTok users started sharing videos on their profiles. Within seconds, Twitter users also got wind of the picture as some social media users tweeted the image through their profile.

However as per the source, the picture is not real, and it is not Harry. There are some people who are reacting to the image. On the other hand, some are trying to stop sharing this photo as one fan wrote: “Don’t take pictures everywhere. See why Green Style has said in interviews to think of themselves in situations Which may be s * *xual makes him extremely uncomfortable. If he saw this photo, photoshopped or not, it would make him feel very uncomfortable.


As per the interview with Zane Lowe, Harry talking up about his thoughts on being treated as a “sex symbol”. In the video, which was posted on Harry’s YouTube channel on November 23, 2019, the singer said: “Anything like sex, in general, it felt like a taboo to me. When we were in the band, then People also think that I had sex, the oh no, that’s crazy. ”

He continued, “I think like tabloids and stuff, with people breaking up, I think people forget that there is a person who broke up with anyone, which is sad.” As the interview continued, Harry acknowledged the lyrics in ‘Fine Line’ as a means to open up more about his feelings for the world.

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“I don’t like to explain the lyrics or explain the meaning behind it. With this record, it’s so open. It tells you what it is.


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