Harry Styles Mermaid Ariel SNL Photoshoot Leaves Twitter In Shocked


Harry Styles as Prince Eric? More like Ariel. Amid widespread fanfare, the recently released online SNL photoshoot of 2019 has revealed an unseen picture of the hit “Watermelon Sugar” hitmaker. Here is the full update about Harry Styles Mermaid Ariel SNL Photoshoot.

The 27-year-old Grammy-award-winning artist recently found himself on the Twitter trending page of a surprise photoshoot where he dresses up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.


In a recent sneak peek from the 2019 SNL photoshoot, Harry Styles can easily be seen slipping into the role of Ariel, reflecting every nuance of the look.

From blazing orange hair to spot-on mermaid attire, Harry’s never-before-seen Ariel getup immediately set a wagon tongue online.


This serves as another testament to his chameleonic range and inaccessible position as a modern-day fashion icon.

The stunning look with which he gave the look has already prompted him to label him the perfect Ariel many times, as fans praised his glamorous avatar.

Twitter reacts to rare Harry Styles Mermaid Ariel SNL photoshoot

Back in 2019, Harry Styles was in the running to star as Prince Eric in the timeless fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen’s, an upcoming live-action adaptation of Robert Marshall.

The film has an ensemble cast, which includes Melissa McCarthy, Daveed Diggs, Javier Bardem and Awkwafina.

Despite being a major fan-favourite, the role was largely unsuccessful, as the former One Direction star eventually passed away in part, with Joanna Hauer-King eventually cast as Prince Eric.

As per the interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he attributed the following reason behind his decision to have a chance to play the role of Prince Charming in the Disney film:

“I want to keep the music out and focus on it for a while. But everyone involved was amazing. So I think it would be great. I would enjoy watching it, I’m sure. ”

Cut to two years later, and followers have further issued a clarion call for casting in Harry Styles’s The Little Mermaid. Only around this time, it is for the role of Ariel, the curious, wide-eyed princess.

Here are some reactions online, as fans insisted on Steller’s turn as Harry Styles’ Ariel:

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From setting the music charts to revolutionizing the fashion world with his eclectic wardrobe choices, Harry Styles has continued to treat fans to a futile dose.



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