Hitman Holla Cinnamon Video Leak Leaves Twitter Scandalized, Fans Shocked


Hitman Holla Cinnamon Video Leak: After an explicit video of himAmerican rapper Hitman Holla and his girlfriend surfaced online this week, American rapper Hitman Holla has become the talk of the internet. According to fans, the rapper uploaded the video to his ‘close friends’ Snapchat Story, where it was then screen captured and released by one of his friends. The internet has been outraged by a video showing the two enjoying intimate interactions. Fans have been stunned by the initial video, which he will not share in this piece, and have reacted on Twitter.

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Hitman Holla and Cinnamon Video Leak

Gerald Fulton, Jr., better known as Hitman Holla, rose to fame after appearing on the game programme Wild ‘n Out. Cinnamon, his girlfriend, is a social media influencer and entrepreneur.

Although we haven’t seen the footage, fans claim that an x-rated video of Hitman Holla and his lover Cinnamon is circulating on Twitter. The video, according to the singer’s fans, is an x-rated clip of the two together. Snapchat’s ‘Close Friends’ list allows only specified members of a group to watch a private stories, which is normally in the form of a video or picture. If you’re not familiar, ‘close friends’ is a feature that allows you to make a video available exclusively to a certain set of individuals. The individual sending the content will choose this list.

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Hitman Holla hasn’t responded to the video on Instagram or Twitter yet, and it’s not confirmed yet whether he actually posted it himself. The video, however, was clearly made by him or someone with access to his Snapchat account, and it has gone viral on Twitter.

The video has stunned Twitter users, who cannot believe it was sent to Hitman Holla’s ‘close friends.’



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