Hunter Echo Millie Bobby Brown Relationship Rumors Exposed on Instagram Live


Hunter Echo Millie Bobby Brown: The popular TikTok star Hunter Echo is trending on headlines after addressing the rumors of an alleged relationship with “Stranger Things” star, Millie Bobby Brown. As per the recent Instagram Live, the 20-year-old confirmed that he was in a relationship with Brown.

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Hunter Echo Millie Bobby Brown Relationship Rumors

Echo also revealed that they both were together almost for eight months. Not just that, he also made some derogatory remarks about the actor. Their relationship was revealed after their photographs of Hunter Echo and Millie Bobby trending online.

After the rumor broke out online, fans immediately lashed out at TikToker for dating a minor. At the time when the pair got together, she was 16. He also came under criticism for sexually abusing Miley in his video, with many calling her a “pedophile” and accusing her of allegedly framing her.


The relationship rumored comes after two were seen hanging out in New York last month and also made their Instagram debut.

TikTok star Hunter Echo becomes the target of criticism after confirming rumors of an alleged relationship with British actor Millie Bobby. A lot of fans criticized TikToker for allegedly dating with an underage girl.

Hunter Echo take a dig to all the fans who criticize him, claiming they were not aware of the situation:


The California-native appeared on Live with a Friend, who went on to explain Brown by saying:

After the statement, Hunter laughed at the camera and agreed, saying:

Enraged fans strongly condemned the statements and mentioned that TikToker may face trial for his behavior. He responded by saying:

“There is no lawsuit at all. I was staying at Miley’s house for eight months… Her mom and dad knew everything.”

During the Insta live, Hunter Echo got serious backlash from fans. However, most of the fans took to Twitter to share their reaction to the situation:

Till now, Millie Bobby Brown has not been talked about her personal life. However, fans are very excited to be seen whether the actors will address Hunter Echo’s controversial statements in the coming days.

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