“I never gave them my consent”: Former Vlog Squad producer alleges that Jason Nash forced him to be shirtless in a video


Former Vlog Squad members continue to get swayed by shocking allegations against Seth Francois’s David Dobrick and Jason Nash, the latter recently accused of forcing a former producer to be shirtless.

In a recent episode of Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas Frenemies podcast, the pair spoke about how many people have come forward in the wake of Francois’ allegations.

According to Paytas, one of the victims is a boy who encounters an unpleasant experience, especially with Nash. This formes member of vlog squad person recently came forward to share his story:

In a TikTok video, he unveiled that he worked for The Vogue Squad in 2017 for two months. Although he mentioned that he enjoyed the work, he was often put in many awkward situations.

Speaking of the same, the victim had a painful encounter with Nash at a July 4 party.

Allegations against Jason Nash and David Dobrik continue to gather up

Before Francois unveiled his traumatizing time with Dobrik and Nash, one of the other former member, Nick “BigNik” Keswani, accused the Vlog Squad of having a toxic cult that made him feel worthless.

Francois and Keswai’s decision to share their experiences seems to have increased confidence in others. The third person to level the charges is a producer who previously worked with Dobrick and Nash.

In his TikTok video, he acknowledges body issues and says that he was uncomfortable being shirtless. But that did not stop Jason Nash, who constantly to pressure him:

“Jason was filming with this girl who was very intoxicated and at one point Jason wanted me to take off my shirt because he thought it would be funny. Eventually, this girl began chasing me around the house and tried to rip off my shirt as Jason would provoke her. I never gave them my consent. Jason filmed the whole thing and tried to put it in his next video and I had to convince him for three hours not to cause I felt humiliated.”

He further unveiled that Nash quietly fired him a few days after the incident.

In light of these allegations, Twitter users expressed dissatisfaction over the work environment and behaviour of Dobrik and Nash.

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As dissatisfaction continues online, recent allegations from Keswani and Francois seem to have triggered a domino response. Despite these allegations, it is seen that the pressure on Dobrik, Nash and Vogue Squad continues.



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